Friday, May 21, 2010

Plan of Attack!!! (Take III)

Time to revisit "The Plan" so I can see my progress :) Just a few things have changed since the last time but it makes me feel good about myself to see how far I am getting. Besides, who doesn't like patting themselves on the back every now and then? I know I could sure use it right about now.

Summer '09
Sociology - DONE!!
Gen Psychology – DONE!!

Fall '09
A&P I – DONE!!!
Lifespan Psych – DONE!!

Wintermester ‘09
Speech – DONE!!!!!

Spring '10
A&P II – DONE!!!!
Fine Arts Elective – Hopefully Photography Art Appreciation – DONE!!!!

Summer ‘10
PE Course – Registered
Pharmacology – Registered
CNA Course – Still need to register…after I get my damn social security card AGAIN!!! (Stupid husband)

Fall ‘10
Microbiology - Registered

Spring ‘11
NS BABY!!!!!!

It is amazing to me to see what I have done in almost a year. It was definitely a challenge for all of us and getting used to the schedule wasn't easy but we did it. Once my grade for my stinky PE course posts this summer, I will be sending in my application for The Program. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that I will still be able to register for my CNA course.

It is surreal to think that I am so close already.


  1. So good when you get to cross them off isn't it! We put things on the list and never really appreciate that the small daily steps and struggles are getting us closer all the time! Proud to be following your journey, it keeps me inspired! Keep up the good work!

  2. Well done!!
    It always feel great to mark things off the list.
    Wonderful progress.

    Wait until you get in to's in its own temporal existence. Time seems to stop and travel at lightspeed at the same time. That's when you really understand surreal - lol!

    When does summer session start?

  3. WTF do you need PE for? Give me a break, last time I had to take PE was freshman year of high school. That's just ridiculous...

    I don't think I realized we would be starting at the same time. Well, then again, I originally was planning on starting in the fall, but now won't be until January! We'll be in school TOGETHER! Woohoo!!

    I take micro this summer and lifespan psych in the fall... I'll help you with micro if you help me with lifespan?

  4. Ok so I am doing my happy dance for you right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!