Thursday, May 20, 2010

I only wish I made this stuff up

I am beyond livid right now and my husband is the source of my anger. He is lucky that he got away to the fire station tonight or I'm sure he would have felt the daggers I would be drilling into his head with my eyes.

I got my social security card in the mail on Monday. When I got home from work today I had planned on running up to the school to register for my CNA course. I go to find the envelope that housed my precious card and it is nowhere to be found. I ask my husband if he had seen it and he immediately replies that he hadn’t. In that instant I remembered him tearing up “junk” mail on Tuesday evening and my heart sank. I drilled him about whether or not he paid any attention at all to the mail he had been tearing up.

He swears he did.

We tear apart the house, once again, trying to find the damn card.

It is nowhere to be found.

I am convinced he carelessly tore it up and trashed it.

My precious card. Gone again.

He won’t even give me an apology. He says that I don’t know for sure that he did it. I wish he would prove me otherwise. I need that freakin card. Bad. He had the nerve to tell me it was no big deal, I can just go get another one. It IS a big deal. This means I have to take off yet ANOTHER day of work to go stand in line and get it, wait ANOTHER two weeks for it to come in, then keep my fingers crossed that there will be room left in the course for me to register.

Really. Who’s life is this anyways? Because it certainly can’t be mine.


  1. I usually accuse my husband outright and then just to embarrass myself for my outburst, I usually find it - whatever I have "lost" - right where I have placed it. Then I apologize profusely......
    It works every time. In fact, the more fiery the outburst, the sooner I find it - :(

  2. Oh boy. Ya, you have every right to be livid!

    It is a big deal.

    I'm assuming the trash has already gone away? Otherwise I'd don my rubber gloves and dig through...

    Good luck - on all fronts.