Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Plan of Attack!!! (Take II)

A while back I posted my “plan of attack” here. I thought it was time to lay out the newly updated (and slightly revised) plan so I can feel better about myself.

Summer '09
Sociology - DONE!!
Gen Psychology – DONE!!

Fall '09
A&P I – DONE!!!
Lifespan Psych – DONE!!

Wintermester ‘09
Speech – In progress…

Spring '10
A&P II - Registered
Fine Arts Elective – Hopefully Photography Art Appreciation – Planning on registering any day now…

Spring Minimester ‘10
PE Course – UGH!

Summer '10/Fall ‘10

Spring ‘11
NS BABY!!!!!!

So there you have it. The *new* plan. Not much has really changed. I am currently taking my required speech course during the wintermester. (Can we say holy crap! Intense!!!) I really, really, really want to take Photography and under this degree plan I technically can, however, I have been thinking more and more about eventually going on to get my Bachelors in Nursing (from here on out referred to as BSN) and looking at the required courses for those, photography isn’t one of them (bummer). I figured the smarter thing to do would be to take a course that IS approved for that future plan. Just. In. Case. – See College really does make a person smarter. :p

I am still bothered by that pesky Micro course. I left it during the summer but I am still not really sure if I am cut out for an accelerated science course. I did realize that I could get away with applying to The Program without that course finished, and not lose any points to make me competitive. I will have to have it done before I start The Program but it can be “in progress” rather than completed when I apply. All that garbage means, is that I can take the course in the fall, and still apply for The Program in the Spring of 2011. I was pretty excited when I figured that all out. It means I can start NS a whole half a year earlier than I expected!!!

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