Sunday, February 21, 2010

To go or not to go

My college is having a "financial aid workshop" thing today that I was planning on going to. In light of my newfound knowledge that I apparently make too much money and shouldn't even be thinking about financial aid, I think I just might skip it.

How in the hell am I going to pull this off? Now I am worried that I am not even going to be able to get a private loan. My credit isn't the greatest and I have been hearing how hard it is these days to get anyone to loan you money with a less than stellar credit rating.

I'm feeling pretty discouraged right now. I really don't want to put off starting The Program for a year when I have worked my ass off to get there NOW.


  1. I am so sorry! I know how you feel. I can not get a loan for my masters because i owe so much from my BA. I wish education was free, if you just wanted to learn! Think positive and good things will come for you. I honestly beleive that. Look to sources you would not normally look and greatness WILL come!!

  2. PLEASE I hope you went to the workshop. any and all info is worth getting in these tough financial times. Best of luck.

  3. I hope you went to the workshop, but if not don't despair. There must be some scholarships available! Or workstudy? Good luck!