Monday, February 8, 2010

The first of many lessons learned

I am the type of person that wants what I want RIGHT NOW. I hate waiting. When I have my sights set on something, I usually stop at nothing to get it. I am very headstrong. The Husband actually cited it as something about me that he admires but at the same time drives him absolutely insane. I am not used to having something take so long to get. I know I am working towards what I want right now. I realized from the beginning that this was going to be a long road. I was not prepared for the patience I was going to have to find in order to go through this process.

I found another job that I thought could hold me over until I started school. And really, this job isn’t so bad. Pretty boring most days, but not really all that bad. The only thing I can think of while I am here though is when can I quit? The days are starting to get longer as I sit here with very little patience, counting down the days until I get my acceptance letter and can hand in my resignation. I surf my favorite nursing blogs all day long just pining to be in their shoes. Imagining what my first days will be like. What my experiences will be. Wondering if I will become close to my classmates, and worrying that my introverted personality will shut people out like it always does.

Patience. I have really had to learn how to have patience over the last year. Kind of ironic that I am having to learn the lesson of patience while I wait for my turn to learn how to have patients. (yeah, that was cheesy.)

I just want to be in Nursing School already!!

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  1. I can't believe you read my blog from back to front.....holy cow and Wow, am I embarrassed. Yeah..some really tough years. A lot of things I'd like to forget and I've even thought about deleting the blog but there is a lot of good in there too.
    Hang in there. I can already tell that you are going to be a great nurse. You have the tenacity and the care.....a good mixture....and No, you don't have to enjoy bodily fluids to be a nurse. Take my word for it. :o) You can tell the hubs I said so *wink*

    My email is if you ever wanna chat or have questions. I'd love to hear from you.
    By they aren't a Student RN. You should change that. You are an SN (Student Nurse) or nursing student if you wish but you will actually use "Your Name,SN" while at clinicals in nursing school to sign charts get used to it now. :o)

    Good luck and keep in touch. I'll be following along.
    Dawn from overactiveimagination (it wouldn't let me post any other way)