Friday, January 29, 2010

And you want to be a Nurse?!?!

This is what I find my husband saying to me quite often lately and frankly, it really ticks me off. Just because I don’t want to take the stitches out of our dogs ear, or I find myself dry heaving when I unexpectedly step in cat vomit first thing in the morning, does NOT mean that I do not have what it takes to be a nurse. I didn’t realize that nurses couldn’t find vomit disgusting. I didn’t realize that nurses had to be in love with poop and blood.

You know why I KNOW I have what it takes to be a nurse? Because I care. Because when I see my kids or friends in pain I care. I will do whatever it takes to help them and make them feel better. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s gross when my kid pukes on me in the middle of the night after rocking her back to sleep for the past 3 hours, but I can tolerate it. Because I care.

So yes dear, I DO want to be a Nurse. And yes dear, I will be a damn good nurse.

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  1. Hi. I hope you don't mind I followed a link from Nurse Teeny's site.

    I'm a student nurse and I just had to comment on this post. For a long time I couldn't handle seeing phlegm. I realized this pretty early on. Poop, blood, vomit... I could do, but for some reason NOT phlegm. After a while I got over it (and I definitely see phlegm in the ICU). My friend/classmate used to get faint seeing blood, she now works in the OR. Go figure, right?