Monday, January 25, 2010

Balancing Act

I was warned well in advance for the balancing act one must do when you are going to school, have a full time job, AND a family but I never realized I would have to have a degree in aerobatics to accomplish said balancing act. My oldest daughter has been begging me for quite some time now to take a cheerleading class. Yes, I know she is only 6. Yes, I know what I might be getting myself in to if she decides she wants to become an actual cheerleader (even less time, even less money) but I have been trying to find something she enjoys doing for a while now so I thought I would let her take a trial class to make sure she really wanted to do it (all the while crossing my fingers and hoping that she hated it…does that make me a bad mom?) Well, she loved it. Absolutely loved it. (damn) Problem was the only class they offered was on a Tuesday evening, for TWO HOURS. I have class Tuesday’s so that would mean my poor husband would have to take the baby there while she had practice. As much as I feel like he deserves the punishment (some days) I just couldn’t do that to him. For TWO HOURS. I managed to find a tumbling class, which honestly I think she will like just as equally plus it will help her get the basics down a bit better before she starts a real cheerleading class. Oh and it was about $30 cheaper a month. (BONUS!) So this means that all but two days out of the week are full. Jam packed. Full. I hope though that I can work in some study time while she is there in her class. Find a nice corner and sit down with my books and get my learn on.

This might not be such a pain in the ass after all.

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