Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Should I be getting nervous already?

Because I am.

I just printed out the test ticket to take my HESI entrance test and huge wave of nerves started to pass over me and just stalled out right on top of me. I still have a little more than 5 months left until I can even apply to The Program and I am already starting to get nervous. Nervous about when I am going to squeeze in time to study for the HESI while simultaneously studying for my A&P class (which I still have to ace before I can apply in the first place). Nervous about being able to squeeze in the last class I need to take (PE – UGH!) during the spring minimester so I can apply. Nervous about if I am even going to be able to quit my job so I can do The Program. Nervous thinking about the student loans I might need to apply for to pay for whatever we need while I am jobless, and along with that comes nervousness about taking on more debt when I am trying to get out from under it.

Geez, all these nerves just because I hit ‘print’. I am really going to hate to see what I am like when July comes around.

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  1. Wow you sounded a lot like me during the waiting period. Good luck! I sure didn't think I would miss nursing school, I was sooo ready for a break, but since the break came and I have at least another semester before I can move onto the RN blocks, I find my self right depressed because I miss it. Like you I am the type that wants things right away, if I have a plan I become obsessed with it.

    Thanks for posting on my blog.