Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is it!!

Today is the day I officially start Nursing School!!! I am anxious, excited, a little nervous, but so ready to get this show on the road!!

It helps that I woke up to these in my bathroom sink this morning (along with a super sweet card)

Let me tell you, this means A LOT to me. He never, Ever, EVER, does things like this. I'm sure he could tell how nervous I was getting since I was doing a bit of yelling and fit throwing this weekend. (Ok, I was acting like a total brat about everything. I even put my kids to shame).

So here I go, off like a scared little girl to my very first day of nursing school!


  1. awwww. That is soooo sweet!
    Good luck - once you get in the swing of things....you will feel like it is just another day in the life of a nurse to be!

  2. That is super sweet! Good for you! I'll be desperately waiting to hear all about your first day, while I sit on my couch having meltdowns until Monday only 6 more days for me...

  3. Awww. That is just too sweet. Today was my first day back.
    Eek. Scary exciting. ;)