Sunday, January 30, 2011


I did a bit of self reflection this weekend. I was really trying to figure out what was getting to me so much about NS. I realized it wasn’t so much the amount of work we are doing (even though it is a bit insane) it is more about the communication we are doing.

I have learned over my short 2 weeks as a nursing student that communication is a HUGE thing in Nursing. I knew this going in to it but never imagined it would be so hard for me to get over. I have mentioned before about how much of an introvert  I am and how I am worried about the way this will play out in school and in my career. Even during my CNA class I felt the same feelings I am feeling now.

All of these projects, mainly my geri project, and partnering up with someone I don’t even know to practice my skills, oh and evaluating my communication (more like lack thereof) are really putting a rise on my anxiety levels. Research paper? I can handle that. Finals and midterms? No problem. A practicum where I have to perform in front of an instructor using a classmate? Oh, there you are sweat. How I have missed my heart beating out of my chest and my legs turning to jelly.

I keep telling myself that everyone is feeling this way but it doesn’t seem to help. I can’t even get a good practice in on lab days (where all we do is practice on the mannequins) because I am so nervous about just practicing in front of one of my new classmates. How crazy is that?!?

I need to get control of this. I made it through my CNA class. I can make it through this too. I just need to go in there and put all of my stage fright behind me and get done what needs to be done. Stop worrying about how much of an idiot I am looking like in front of other people (who are learning just the same as I am) and just do it.

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  1. Haha, you make me laugh because I feel the same way. I have heard all the lectures about communication, communication, communication is KEY, including having an open mind and respect towards culturally diverse patients. Ugh, I have no problem talking and communicating with friends but when it comes to being professional I get all worried inside.
    I have a girlfriend that we'll be working on skills and assessments with but I'm told I have to get to know all my classmates and that's difficult when you don't know anyone. We'll get through it, don't you worry itsjustme. Everyone has jelly legs once in awhile right??