Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three more weeks...

6 more days of class (not counting my online class), two finals, and one lab exam and this semester is OVER!! Looking back, it seems like it has gone by pretty fast but as I was right in the middle of it, it felt like it was taking FOREVER.

I will have an 8 week break until my next classes start. I am really considering taking another course during the first summer session. Maybe a History course or something toward my BSN. I haven’t stopped since I started this and I’m not sure what I will do with myself if I have a whole 8 weeks of no classes.

I wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my last post. I was feeling pretty down and emotional (obviously) which was heightened by the fact that I had a few drinks after class that night. Me + Alcohol = either A) spastic motor mouth who thinks she can dance or B) completely overly emotional crybaby. I really appreciated you taking the time to comment. It made me smile.

A couple of you mentioned therapy. Yes, I have been there before. Last year in fact. I don’t think it really helped at all. It could have been though that I only went for a few months (stopped because I was paying out of pocket at $120 a session) and I’m not really sure I clicked very well with the therapist. Plus it turned into more of a marriage counseling session (she wanted my husband to start coming with me) than a session just for me. I am not opposed to finding another one but when do I have the time (or the money)?

SendAManToNursingSchool asked what I do that is just for me. I guess I have been considering school something for me. Is it not? I mean, I am doing it to better my family, but really, it feels like I am doing it more for myself than anything else. I’ve also started running again. I used to run when I was younger (like 15 years ago) and I enjoyed it so much. It has been nice getting out by myself in the evenings and going for a run. I am hoping that not only will this help me lose some stubborn lbs, but it will also help my mood a bit. I love the pumped feeling I get after a good run.

I’m not sure that any of that will help with the alone feeling I have though. I’m hoping that some of you are right, and once I start doing something I actually want to do, things will get better. Hopefully once I pass my CNA course and start the steps in that direction I will start feeling less alone.


  1. Doing something for just YOU is very hard for a mother, wife, student. I know because I have been there. I encourage to one thing a week just for you.

    I know the alone feeling with you. You're not alone on this blog. :o) HUGS!

    Take care of you the won't regret it.

  2. I just started running again also! I think just taking nursing pre-reqs made me gain weight.. I don't want to see what nursing school is going to do to me! :)

  3. School's OUT FOR SUMMER!

    First thing that came to mind after reading this :)

    I wish I knew if that was really the case for me!

    But I'm so glad you're almost finished for a while! What a nice break that will be.

    I love your honesty. And that fact that you're back into running is probably doing wonders for your mental health (man, that was painful to admit, that working out can be good for the mind). Hang in there, it will all get better.

    If you ever need to talk, especially about the uncertainty of nursing school, but anything at all, please email me. We seem to have a lot in common and while I am totally not stable, talking always helps :)

  4. It seems like yesterday, I was where you are. I was taking full-time classes and just hoping to get into one of the nursing classes as soon as I finished my AA. Now I'm two years into the BSN program and I have one year left. The time has flown by, and I just finished my last clinical for Med-Surg II. I'm getting super excited as I get closer to the end. I'm a single mom and school is exhausting, but the good news is this... Although you will have some of those days that make you question your sanity, the majority of the time you will be in ahh of what you see, and experience. You will be inspired as you gain ground at the end of each and every semester. At first I had my eyes set on the finish line and that wasn't as rewarding as it was to just try and get thru each semester. Reward yourself for every mini accomplishment along the way. It will help,,,, trust me on this :)
    Good Luck to you and enjoy each moment it really does go by super fast.