Friday, April 9, 2010

Feel GOOD Friday!!

Hi readers! Long time no post. Sorry about that. Things have been super busy this week. I haven’t even had time to comment or even read anyone’s blogs this week. I have some major catching up to do.

But first –

My last attempt at Feel Good Friday didn’t go so well and I ended up having to recreate it so it applied better to my day. Today however, I am sticking with Feeling Good and boy do I have so many things to feel good about!

1) I am feeling more and more confident about my decision to quit in July. So far this month (I do realize we are not even half way through but baby steps right?!) we have been doing EXCELLENT at saving our money and watching our spending. Even when I hear all the negative comments about what I plan to do, I have been able to push them out and not let them change my mind like I usually would which is a HUGE step for me.

2) My super amazing daughter got another super amazing report card. I know I shouldn’t have expected any differently from her but it really makes me feel good when I see all those high marks and accolades from her teacher. That’s MY kid! I can only imagine what she would be doing if I only had the time to really work with her like I should. As it stands right now, I barely even have time to help her with her homework. *sigh* but we are Feeling Good today so moving on…

3) Another GREAT score on my A&P test.

4) My youngest is TALKING!!!! Real honest to goodness words that not only her mother can understand! (after all, as mothers, we seem to develop rather quickly another language. “eh” and “ba” and “goo” actually start to make sense to us, even if it makes no sense whatsoever to anyone else – “ ‘ba’ you say dear? No worries, I will get you a cracker right away love”)

5) And finally, I am absolutely blown away by the generosity and support I have received from my friends, family, and co-workers today. The MADD walk in my town is coming up and I solicited donations from everyone I knew thinking it would be great if I could just get a few to donate to the cause and support my walk for my friends. In just under 2 hours, I had nearly $300 in donations and they are STILL coming in as I type. Amazing. Absolutely incredible.

It’s been a great week and I hope that it continues to be great through the weekend and into next week.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by and to all my regular readers. Now it is time for me to catch up with what is going on in all of your worlds


  1. My daughter says Nee Noom for living room and I just love it. it is the only thing she says wrong and I do not correct her because I am weird like that.

    I tried to reply to your comment in email, but you aren't set to receive replies so:

    Thank you for making my day with your comment! I really appreciate that!!!

  2. It's such a happy upbeat thing to read all these FGF posts. Congrats on a great week and your excellent attitude.

  3. Congratulations on a great week !! Those are the weeks that get us thru the tough ones. You really do have a great attitude. :) I hope next week is even better for you.

  4. I am so excited to follow you! Looks like we are almost on the same schedule . As I was reading through your posts ( Yes I did , talk about BLOG STALKER!)I couldn't believe how much we have in common!

  5. What a great Feel Good Friday post! =)