Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey you! Yeah, YOU!

I see you.

I know you are lurking.

If you are a nurse/student nurse, do me a favor and answer a question for me:

When you went into NS, did you already have an idea of what you wanted to specialize in? Did that change once you went through the program? Did you discover a nursing specialty while in school that changed your mind completely about what you wanted to do? Are you currently doing what you really want to be doing? Are you happy doing it?

Ok, so that was more than just a question.

For those of you that are still in the pre nursing stage like I am, are you already set on a specialty? Do you have something that you just know you want to be doing? Do you think you will change your mind?

For me, I have gone from one thing to the next and I haven’t even started yet! First I wanted to work in L&D (I know, who doesn’t?), then I changed to wanting to work in the NICU. (again, another one EVERYONE seems to want), then I became fascinated with Flight Nursing, and now I am stuck on Forensic Nursing. I haven’t even stepped foot into NS yet so there is no telling what I will really catch my interest.

That’s the thing I love about this profession. There are SO many opportunities out there in just about anything. What one person thrives in doing, another person could absolutely cringe at the thought of. I am really looking forward to seeing where I will eventually land. I really hope I am able to find that job that I really love doing and don’t get stuck somewhere I don’t want to be. That’s exactly the situation I am currently trying to get myself out of.


  1. Im almost finished with my NS days. I started out wanting the ED or ICU and after completing my rotations I changed to L&D.

    Big change!!

    Best of luck to you!!

  2. Big questions...I have nothing to draw from personally but I do believe that things will choose us if we are listening...
    I hope you find your answers!

  3. I want NICU. I volunteer 8 hours a week at a level 4 nicu and I LOVE it. LOVE IT! But if that doesn't pan out for whatever reason, PICU or pediatric oncology. Obviously something with children, but I'd prefer infants!

    Um, forensic nursing sounds AWESOME! Something I'd probably consider once I knew more about it :)

  4. I went into nursing school, knowing I only wanted to work in L&D when I was done. I secured a position in L&D about 6 months before graduation, starting as an OB tech. When I graduated, I moved to an RN position. I've only worked L&D since graduation (with the exception of my first hospital employer - I worked rotation in L&D, postpartum, newborn, NICU and gyn). I have worked only in L&D at a big hospital for the past 6+ years. And I LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Almost halfway through NS.
    Didn't have a specific picked out before I started and still don't.
    I've eliminated a number of areas, but am still just soaking it in and enjoying all the experiences.
    Will likely end up in something critical care oriented.

  6. Haven't started NS yet, starting on pre reqs, but absolutely know in my heart that I want to be a CRNA, know it, believe it, and will achieve it!!! Of course that means that I have work in ICU or CCU for a minimum of one year, but doubt I will apply with just the minimum. I want to make sure I am completely secure in what I am doing, which will probably be never since this field is ever changing!!!

    Psss.. if you can, add me to your blog list chica!!

  7. Yo, I gave an award on my blog, so take it and wear it with pride ;) And then, ya know, tell us 10 things about you. Blah blah. YAY!

    I sound so weird. I swear I'm not such a freak in real life.

    or am I?

  8. I didn't decide to go to nursing school until after I had a baby. I knew as soon as I had her that I wanted to be a part of bringing another life into the world. My L&D nurse (who is now a friend) was awesome and made it such an amazing experience for me.

    I still can't really imagine doing anything else. I'm a little burned out at the moment, but I'm hoping that it will pass.

    Several people that I went to school with had an idea about what they wanted to do and then changed their mind later on so maybe I'm an exception?

  9. Like many have said you might not know what you want until after you have tried it out. I liked PACU, I Loved OR. I like L&D but LOVED women's health. I really want to try ER & ICU, but I hated Peds ( Course I knew I would hate Peds.) Since I have to still finish up my RN portion I am sure I will still be floundering around trying out everything and figuring out what I want to do eventually. That's the best thing about Nursing... you don't have to decide right away, because clinicals give you a try at pretty much everything at one point in time.

  10. Hey there! I have been in nursing for 33 years (I keep changing that number because my memory is shot!) give or take....and I have worked pretty well every area you can think of in a hospital (15 L&D) plus prison nursing and now telenursing. I honestly think that a new RN is doing herself the biggest favor by doing a couple years of general med/surg nursing to start and go from there. You can check out my blog...I just started...and I am going to gradually work through my Nursing years from start to finish. Right now I have only gotten as far as my 2 years on psychiatry.... :) had to back track a couple years to cover my LPN years before I went for my RN- so forgive my disjointed blogging technique!

  11. I didn't have an idea of what I wanted to do, really. For the longest time, my answer to people who asked was, "I'm leaning towards L&D, but I don't know for sure yet." When I finally got to my L&D rotation... WOW! I loved it! I thought for sure that would be it for me, until the following semester when I totally fell in love with ICU!

    You're right, the best part about nursing is that it's so diverse! When you meet a nurse who is passionate about their work, ask them what it is about their specialty they love so much.