Monday, June 28, 2010

Wake up call

I sit down in front of the computer with clammy hands. Sweat starts to bead on my forehead as I click start on the screen. The questions go by in an instant. I hit submit and my scores flash back at me. 98% in math. Fantastic. 80% in reading. Oh shit.

My heart sinks.

I won’t be making it into the Nursing Program with a score like that. I needed at least a 92 to ensure a spot. I KNEW I should have taken it last enrollment period just in case. I cry. Hard. Right there in a room full of others taking the same test. I can’t breathe. Everything I have been working toward for the last year flashes before my eyes. I immediately regret quitting my job. I start to worry about how disappointed my family is going to be as I run from the room.

I wake up.

It was just a dream but I feel panicked. I can’t go back to sleep so I just lie there trying to shake the feeling of failure.

All of this just for the stupid HESI entrance exam I have to take within the next 2 weeks. I didn’t realize I was that stressed about it. Funny thing is that I am more worried about the math part of the test than the reading part even though the reading alone is what determines my scores for entrance into The Program. The math I just have to pass with a 70.

Maybe I need to put a little more effort into studying for this test.

I am going to hate to see myself when it is time to take the NCLEX.


  1. Just breathe.

    The entrance HESI is cake. You'll be fine! :)

  2. Stay focused on being fully prepared and in "testing mode" and everything will take care of itself.

    You're gonna do great

  3. HESI makes a review book for the entrance exam, if you want to get one and look over it before the test. It was an easy test, but maybe it would make you more confident to review beforehand.

  4. That HESI was sooo easy, especially the reading. The core concept of the reading is that you can take a paragraph and grasp the content to answer questions within the basis of a science format. Which let's face it is exactly how Nursing School is A lot of self taught from the book. Vocab, A&P, & Chem were also counted for our entrance scores!