Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm back!

So did ya miss me??

The vacation was completely exhausting but we all had fun. I did decide though, that my kids are just not old enough to appreciate a big vacation like that yet. They both were perfectly content spending the entire time at the hotel swimming pool. In fact, when we went to the parks that is all they begged (and whined and cried) to do. Next time we have decided to take them to Mexico where they can swim in the pool/ocean all they want while The Husband and I can drink all the cocktails we want. Money better spent that way for sure.

Some things I learned while on vacation:

- I need to get a more comfortable pair of shoes. I came home with four blisters on my feet and my back and knees are killing me from all that walking while lugging around my 26 lb kid.

- I think it’s time I talked to the Dr about my anxiety. It was so crowded there and my kids were not on their best behavior most of the time which left me in a completely frazzled/sweaty/anxious state almost the entire time.

- Because of the above, a vacation is not the best time to try to quit a serious habit. On top of my anxious mess, I also forgot to take my meds the entire time I was there so I am starting over again. New quit date will be July 1st. I’m still serious about it, and still definitely plan on quitting, I just couldn’t make it work as soon as I wanted.

- When taking a vacation like that, more than one day off is needed when I get back in order to fully recoup. A vacation from my vacation if you will.

So there you have it. I will now leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures of my super cute kids.


  1. how sweet! :) (the pics!)

    Hey, habits are difficult...their tendrils wind around every aspect of our lives....so very difficult to extract. Be gentle on yourself! :)

  2. errr, can I go to Mexico, too?

    So glad y'all had a great time!

    I can't believe you went from being hidden to posting pics of the nuggets too! They are so adorable!!! The one in the blue looks wise beyond her years, the younger one looks mischievous. Too cute.

    As for the smoking thing, you can do it :) Trying to quit while on vacay is like trying to diet on vacay-- it just doesn't happen. I know you'll succeed this time!

  3. Your kids ARE Super cute! I agree, a pool and nice weather is all younger kids need to be happy and exhausted at bedtime! Welcome home!