Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Made a decision...at least for now...

I spent the better part of the day and evening yesterday trying to figure out what direction I need to go in and after a lengthy discussion with my husband:

Me: So this is what I am going to do.

Him: Ok sweetie whatever you want, I just want you to stop changing your damn mind already!

I think I have finally figured it out.

I just can't stay in my job much longer. I feel like it is one of the main sources of frustration and unhappiness for me right now. I am tired of the politics and crap and boredom. I changed positions in my company hoping that it would help and while it did for a few months, I just can't do it anymore. While I can deal with my co-workers a whole hell of a lot better than I could in my last position, crap from my old position keeps coming up and I am tired of dealing with everything (on the plus side, I have really learned how to cover my ass during all this which might be helpful in my future nursing career. Right?) I really do not like what I am doing at all. (I might have to go get my eyes checked again as I think I am going blind from looking at these spreadsheets all.freakin.day.long)

So this is the plan. I have until July to save up as much money as I possibly can to cover for me being jobless for 1-2 months. I will quit my job in July and take the evening CNA course and take my PE credit that I need for The Program during the day. Hopefully they will post grades for my PE course in just enough time for me to meet the Spring 2011 application deadline. I might even be able to get away with taking a 6 week Micro course during the day as well but that thought just popped into my head and has not been researched until my eyes bleed yet so I will table that one for now.

Hopefully by the end of August, once I take and pass my CNA exam and become certified, I can find a job quickly and start working as a CNA and by October I will have my acceptance letter to the Spring 2011 Nursing Program.

So there you have it. The newly revised plan of action.

Hopefully I can make it 3 more months in this job...


  1. Hang in there girl! It's difficult, making these life-changing decisions. However, you seem to be a very strong, self-assured woman. YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. sounds like an awesome plan! best wishes...

  3. You are my hero! I am looking to switch careers too, and I've had a HARD time finding something that fits. I am inspired by your decision, and your path to get there. I only wish I had half as much gumption as you do!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  4. Now that you have a end point on the job and new goals, everything will be easier.
    The three months will move right on by.