Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's the little things

I got the results from the test I had to take in A&P II during the trial last week. You know, the one I was worried about even making it to? Yeah that one. There were only 4 A’s in the entire class on that test. Highest grade was a 92, lowest grade was a 64 with an average of about 80. I was slightly worried when I heard all this since I thought the test was pretty easy. In fact, I was the first one done (and I even sat there for about 15 minutes with my head on my desk before I turned it in trying NOT to be the first one done). I was starting to panic, thinking “did I go to fast?” “Did I pay attention to the questions enough?” I mean obviously it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was since so many people failed it (or came pretty damn close to failing it) right?

Guess what? That 64. The lowest grade in the class? Nope, not mine.

That 92. The highest grade in the class. Yep, that was mine.

HOLY SHIT!! I did it! Under all that pressure and stress and I managed to pull off the highest grade in the class. I was so freakin excited! Now, I realize that a 92 isn’t THAT great, but when a 92 means I kicked everyone else’s ass on that test (especially the smarty pants girl who thinks she knows EVERYTHING), it makes me feel fanfreakintastic.

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