Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thoughts

I need to stick a pen and notepad next to my bed. While I am lying there awake, trying like hell to fall asleep and failing miserably, all these things start running through my head about what I want to post about. The next morning, after about 3 hours of mediocre sleep, I have forgotten everything.

Nice isn’t it?

I made the phone call today to the Nursing Home where I did my clinicals. (Yes, just today). The lady I needed to speak with didn’t answer so I left a message. Hopefully she will call back. If not, I will try to get myself to call again tomorrow or maybe I can even try to get myself to go up there.

Do you know just making that phone call caused a TON of anxiety? I really hate that I am like that. I finally talked to my Dr about it and he gave me a prescription for Metaprolol to be taken as needed. He said take it about an hour before I go to class and it should help with the racing heart, shakes, sweats, etc. Anyone have any thoughts/experience with this? Apparently, treating anxiety is an off label use of this med.

This weekend I am meeting a few of the others who were accepted into the program. I’m really hoping I click with at least one of them or this is going to be a long, lonely ride.

I find that I am not as nervous/stressed out about starting NS as I thought I would be. I started a FB group so those of us that have been accepted can start chatting and share ideas/thoughts/ask questions and it seems like most are freaking out already. Should I be freaking out too? I just feel so “meh” about the whole thing right now.

All of that might have to do with the fact that I am so sick of school. My Micro class is going ok, and I actually find it pretty interesting, but I am so over it. I find that I have to drag myself to class nowadays and any little excuse to not go I jump on. I have actually missed more classes this semester than I have since I went back to school over a year ago.

I still hate this housewife/stay at home mom gig and I still can’t cook. I have resorted to buying those frozen family dinners and warming those up every night rather than trying to cook like a normal person. I think I am going to test out a few crock pot recipes I have found though. We’ll see how that goes.

And that’s about the best I can do right now. I really hope the blogging bug comes back to bite me on the ass because I really miss blogging.


  1. Hey there. I have PTSD from 2 serious rear end accidents 5 yrs ago. I take Metapropolol an hour before driving to work (which is approx 1 hr drive away) or before going on a trip with my husband. It is a common use for eons...i first learned about it as an RN on psych when a friend used it before going into an interview for Manager for our unit. This is the first time I have personally used it and it helps. Nice thing about doesn't have the awful side effects as an anti-anxiety type medication - no sleepiness, dry mouth etc.... and it's an old drug. It subdues that "fight or flight" reaction in our system.
    Hope it works for you! It's changed my life.

  2. No need to freak out about nursing school. It will be hard but it will DEFINITELY be worth it. :-) Just make sure you make some "you" time in there. On my first day of NS, one of my instructors had us write down three ways we unwind and to keep it in a conspicuous place. I still have it on my fridge to this day!

    As for Metoprolol, I have a friend who takes it for anxiety as well. It blocks the physical symptoms of anxiety, which makes a huge difference when you don't feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest (you'll learn all about it in your pharm class). The side effect profile is less icky than a lot of benzos, and it takes effect much faster than SSRIs (which help with chronic anxiety). Just make sure you know what your normal heart rate is, and take your pulse before you take the med ... you don't want to take it if your heart rate is already super low for some other reason.

  3. I am starting the nursing program on Jan. 24th and totally excited! I can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! I'm finishing up my semester with the last of my gen. ed classes and I can't wait for my orientation on Jan. 19th. What is this page you speak of on Facebook that I'd like to check out? Congrats and good luck.