Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Now it’s time to relax

Halloween is now over and I finally get to sit down. Our party was the best one yet and everyone had a great time. Hopefully this means I can have more time to focus on the blog now that I have no parties to plan. :p

I had planned on contacting the hiring manager at the LTC facility I did my clinicals at but I never made the time to do it. I am hoping I get off my ass long enough in the next week to finally get that done. Along with that, I have all my paperwork for the nursing program ready to turn in, I just haven’t gotten around to dropping it off yet. Probably should think about doing that soon too.

For now though, I will leave you with a few pics from our spectacular Halloween festivities. Our theme this year was "Voodoo on the Bayou":

My costume (I made it myself this year)

My husband and I:

We built a "bayou" on our driveway. This was before I added all the plants and snakes and whatnot:

And after it was finished:

The infamous coffin ice chest:

And finally, my girls and I before we headed out to trick or treat on Halloween night.


  1. wow. LOVE the nite time shot of the "bayou"! pretty cool. How did u do that?

  2. You were scary yet pretty in that get up!! Looks like you had a blast. Love the pics of you and the kids!!

  3. Can I just initiate a round of applause for you putting up a picture of yourself? One that doesn't have a book covering your face? I LOVE IT!

    You weren't kidding, you really do go all out for Halloween! The decorations are awesome!!

  4. woah... your decorations are amazing! This is my dream once I have a house again.

  5. Absolutely fantastic!

    You ARE awesome at doing parties!

  6. I am a little late on my reading but your decorations are AMAZING! love the pic of your bayou.