Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plan of attack!

I have about 20 different sheets of paper where I have written down my "game plan" for all my pre/co-reqs. I like to be able to be anywhere and pull it out when I feel myself slipping into boredom with all of these classes. Just so I can look and see what lies ahead, and look back and see what I have already accomplished (which as of right now, isn't much).

Because one cannot have a list in too many places, I thought I would post it here as well. :)

Summer '09
Sociology - DONE!!
Gen Psychology - In progress...

Fall '09
Lifespan Psych

Spring '10
Speech (maybe during the wintermester?)
Fine Arts Elective - Hopefully Photography

Summer '10
PE Course - UGH!

I *think* I need to take Pharmacology before I can apply as well. I saw it listed as a pre-req on the website just the other day. I need to double check that one as it was not discussed during the information session I went to a few month ago. (see, I told you more things keep popping up) I thought it was part of the program itself.

I am a little iffy about taking Micro during the summer semester. I heard it is a pretty tough course and I will still be working full time up until I get into the nursing program. I don't want to set myself up for failure by taking such a hardcore course during the short summer session. I am sure I could get through it, but not sure if I will still have my sanity at the end.

Then there is the HESI pre-entrance exam I will need to take before I can apply. Depending on when I decide to try for it (Spring or Fall '11) I will be taking it either next summer, or next fall.

So many things still seem so up in the air right now.

So that, my friends, is my schedule for the next year of my life. ON TOP of my full time job, being a mommy, and trying to stay sane with a lil' dose of crazy mixed in. :p

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