Friday, July 24, 2009

Money, Honey

One thing that has been in the back of my mind through this sudden decision has been

"How in the hell are we going to afford this?!?"

Granted, I go to a community college. It's not like I am paying a million dollars a semester to attend the most prestigious University in town. However, it still costs money we don’t have, and I will most definitely have to quit the job I don’t like (can I get a WHOOP!?!?) once I get into The Program, which will drastically cut our income. I won’t lie. We have a TON of debt and if one of us were to lose our job right-this-second, we would be royally FUBAR’d.

Which brings me to the point of this post (if there really even is one in the first place). The Husband and I have been chatting about what the hell we are going to do – more like I have been telling him what we are going to do and he just sits there and agrees. We have come up with a few things that should help us out.

1) Selling the 4 wheeler. Now before you go all “she is a shitty wife for making him give up his toys” on me, please note that this was HIS idea (ok, I will admit to a little prodding). He never rides the damn thing. It sits in our garage taking up space. On Craigslist it goes. (anyone?)

2) Taking the effort to sell the property that we have been trying to sell for years now. Fortunately, it seems as though there are tons of people interested in it lately, so hopefully this will be accomplished soon!

3) STOP EATING OUT!! This is a big one for us. We eat out A LOT! I’m talking every.single.night. No joke. I can’t cook and I am just too damn tired to make anything when I get home so out to eat it is. Not anymore though. The Husband and I have divided up the nights of the week that we are each responsible for dinner and there is NO eating out allowed. BONUS: This should be good for the waistline too.

4) Stop the freakin’ shopping. This one is all me. I am a shopaholic. It helps me deal. Something about buying a new outfit for one of the girls just makes me feel all nice and tingly inside and for just an instant, I actually feel happy.

5) Prioritize our bills so we can get things PAID OFF. I read Dave Ramsey’s book last year and we took a few classes online. We are really going to try to follow the basics of his ideas to get our debt paid down in time, starting with paying the lowest balance card off first and moving on up. Hopefully this will work – this time.

6) And lastly, The Husband has ever so graciously offered to sign up for more shifts at the fire station. – I am on to you dude. I know why you really volunteered to do that. I am a College Student after all. – While this won’t bring in record amounts of extra money, it will still be something, and we can use anything we can get at this point.

I really hope the plan works. I am worried that something is going to crash, and our finances are going to be the only thing holding me back from getting into The Program. I worry that The Husband isn’t taking this as seriously as I am. I worry that without my Retail Therapy I might end up losing my mind.

Wish us luck! Things are going to be really tight for a while, but hey, we might as well get used to it right?

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