Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The long road ahead...

I really do have a long road ahead of me. Not only speaking of the actual nursing program, but the steps I need to take before I can even apply to the program. I am, after all a pre-nursing student.

When I was first looking in to the program, it seemed like every time I got a plan and was ready to move forward, I found out a little bit more information which made my journey seem even longer. I swear this happened to me at least three times, and every time I got a little bit discouraged.

Now, I FINALLY feel like I have all the information I need and can say that 2011 will be My year. I am not sure if it will be the spring or the fall, but 2011 is what I have my sights set on for entrance into The Program. Of course, I will have another 2-1/2 years after that before I am a real-live-nurse, but baby steps right?

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