Friday, May 20, 2011

I came, I saw, I kicked its ASS!

Final grades have been posted for my first semester of Nursing School.

Straight freaking A’s!!!!

I can’t believe I walked out of that semester with A’s in all my classes. I have to be honest though. While there were definitely some stressful moments, and times when I started feeling like I had made the wrong decision, it wasn’t as terrible as I had thought/heard it was supposed to be.

The summer semester, I think, will prove differently. It will be the first time we are all in the hospital. I have been split up from my super bad ass lab partner which really sucks and I have the one instructor that I can’t stand for clinical. Should be interesting.

In the meantime, I have two more weeks off before we start again. This week was wasted away with laziness. Next week I think I might try to hit the job market a little bit more and see what I can find.

Or maybe just keep up the laziness.


  1. Dang girl, way to kick butt!!!! SO proud of you!!! Can't wait to hear how your next semester goes, but in the meantime, enjoy your break!

  2. I hope to get all A's except with one class, but I'll find out for sure in about a week. Woot woot for you lady! Are you in an accelerated program? Only 2 weeks off...well good luck on your way back into the next school semester.

  3. Congrats!! What does your class require to get A's? Ours is 93% and above.

  4. CONGRATS! I just found your blog! I really like it.

    Was just wondering if you can take a look at mine. Im an upcoming Nursing Student to be. I would appreciate it if you followed :)

  5. SAaaa-Weet!!! Well done.
    That has to feel so great!!

  6. You did so well. You deserve to reward yourself. I bet you feel so wonderful about your grades. That is so awesome. Congratulations!