Monday, May 9, 2011

Finals Week

Today starts the first of three finals this week. After these finals are over, and of course after I ROCK these finals, I will have made it through my first semester of Nursing School.

It really doesn't seem like I have been a real live nursing student for 5 months now. These last 5 months have completely flown by. I'm not sure if it was just the amount of work that I had to accomplish in the last 5 months, or if I have just been so oblivious to everything but the year is almost half way over and I can barely remember any of it. Either way, I am *this close* to finishing up my first semester as a nursing student.

You better believe after I walk out of that last final on Wednesday I will be heading straight for the local hole in the wall and having myself a nice tall glass of accomplishment in the name of Margarita.


  1. So do you have the summer off?

  2. I love your plans for Wednesday. Next Thursday is my last final and I'll be done with my semester. Cheers to you and good luck with the rest of your week! Good job and you deserve it.

  3. YAY for almost being finished!!!! I feel like these 5 months have flown by too... actually, I feel like you were just sharing your excitement of being accepted! You're gonna have RN after your name in no time!

    Have a Margie for me, please!