Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 06: 30 slightly interesting facts about me

1. I used to play the flute.

2. I was actually really good at it but my high school made us do marching band and I was too cool for marching band so I quit.

3. I never went to band camp.

4. I wish I would have sucked it up and stayed in band. I would have made so many lifelong friends if I wasn’t so worried about my non-existent high school image.

5. I retreated to the dark room instead.

6. I still use film and develop it myself.

7. There is something amazing about exposing your paper to light, putting it into chemicals and seeing the image appear.

8. I don’t do it as much in this digital world and I miss it.

9. I sing when I drive. Loudly.

10. I can’t carry a tune but wish I could because I love to sing.

11. You won’t see me on American Idol though because I know I can’t sing.

12. I also car dance.

13. My kids love it right now but I am sure as they get older it will embarrass them. It embarrasses my husband.

14. That’s why I do it every time I am in the car with him.

15. I have a HUGE fear of drowning.

16. For that reason I hate swimming but suck it up anyways because my kids love it.

17. I’d rather be on a lake than at the beach.

18. I hate getting all sandy from the beach. That shit gets everywhere and makes me feel gross.

19. I never wanted kids growing up.

20. I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything, most days.

21. I’m scared to become a nurse.

22. I don’t feel like I am smart enough for this.

23. I’m worried I am not going to know what I am doing and end up killing someone.

24. I’m pretty damn stubborn even when I know I am wrong.

25. I don’t like chocolate.

26. I live in the suburbs but wish for a high rise condo downtown.

27. My husband wants to retire in the country. With cows. The thought of that makes me crazy.

28. I have a feeling we will be retiring in two different places. The country is not my thing.

29. I’m a compulsive shopper. I call it my therapy but I think I might need an intervention.

30. I skipped day 5 because I don’t want to go there.


  1. Number 1 through 4 was me, too!! Last time I played was as a surprise for my aunt at her wedding when I was 17. I sometimes dust my flute off every now and then but I don't even remember how to play a basic note anymore. So sad. Do you ever play anymore?

    I can relate to number 22 & 23 and I have promised myself that I am going to live in a downtown condo or apartment when I finish nursing school.

  2. 21 through 23 pretty much sum it up for me, thank you for being candid and writing that. I'm sure a lot of us students can relate. What's up with not liking chocolate?? How can you manage through life without it? What other vices do you have?

  3. Great lists!:-) I'm amazed we have a lot on common basing on your lists. I especially love no.9; I'm a loud singer when driving, and my kids are going nuts whenever I do it.:-)