Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fluid Volume OVERLOAD!!!!

Next week is our exam on Fluid and Electrolytes.

Someone please help me...


  1. That's a pretty broad topic any specific question? Know things like:
    What happens and what are the s/s with fluid volume overload?
    What to look for in a dehydrated patient.
    Electrolyte level cause and effect, and those signs and symptoms.

  2. I've heard the Moseby's Fluids & Electrolytes handbook is REALLY helpful. You can get it Barnes & Noble, if you're desperate. Otherwise, good luck! You'll do great, just like you have been doing!

  3. email me if you still need help. sns710(at)live(dot)com

  4. Look at these responses and the incredible amount of help at your fingertips. I'm proud to say I have a blog with amazing people out there willing and capable of helping when we nursing students need help.

  5. Girl, who are you fooling? You know you are going to kick patootey! You got this!