Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let's talk about shoes, bay-bee

It's getting closer to the time where we will actually be going to a real hospital with real patients.

This means it is also time for me to get my scrubs and shoes. I have the scrubs down but am wondering about shoes. I'm not a big fan of clogs, at all, and I'm not too sure about anything made completely of rubber. I realize they would be super easy to clean but I'm just not completely sold on them.

Comfort is not my forte when it comes to shoes. I wear shoes that look good, not shoes that necessarily feel good. I have been known to go all day long with blisters the size of quarters, just because my shoes were that.freakin.awesome. I need to get over the fashion factor and find a pair that will actually make my feet not hate me after being on the floor for hours and hours.

So this is where you come in, dear readers. Help me find an amazingly awesome pair of shoes and then every time I walk around in them I promise I will think of you.

White. All white. And comfy.

Oh and for anyone who reads that is a runner, I also need suggestions on a good, decently priced, pair of running shoes. My current ones are in desperate need of retirement.


  1. Sooo exciting!!

    You are absolutely right...function over fashion here girl.

    Get the best, most supportive, and comfortable tennis shoes you can. I'm wearing Etonic Minado's, but them men have few few fewer choices. I've been wearing these for 2 years of clinical + when I work as an NA, and they are just now starting to not support me all day. (not getting new ones now with only 6 more clinical days left!)

    For running shoes I have Nike running shoes (not sure which model) that I got on sale @ JCPenney's on tax free day.

  2. New Balance makes an all white shoe for professionals. Worth a look.

    I wear Keen shoes which I absolutely love, but I don't have the white restriction.

  3. They're heinous-looking, but the Sketchers Shape-Ups are awesome. They took a few days to get used to, but my feet and back never hurt after work. I also HIGHLY recommend compression knee-highs to prevent leg pain, clots, and varicose veins- hope this helps and good luck :)

  4. If you've read my blog I may have mentioned the fact that I ended up with two stress fractures and heal spurs. Turns out that Sketchers Shape-Ups work shoes have actually saved my feet! The are available in all white for those Nursing School Dress codes!

  5. I have used both New Balance and Sketchers. Sketchers can look a little nicer....

    Please, please - please! Whatever you do, don't sacrifice comfort for fashion even if that is what you do outside a hospital! You will live to regret it, believe me!

    When you spend so much time on your feet when working in the hospital, even if you aren't at first as a will appreciate it.

    ALSO:If they are more function than fashion, you won't worry as much the first time they are splashed with pee, or blood, or poop. Or step in anything else that will be (not might be!) on the floor!

    Good luck!

  6. I like New Balance sneakers too. Mine don't have to be all-white (I just wore crocs for clinicals when they did have to be all-white, and they're okay but I wouldn't wear them every day) so they're just regular New Balance running shoes. Find a brand of sneakers that usually fits your feet well and then see what they've got in all white! I've heard lots of people love Danskos but I tried them on at the store and hated them instantly. Go figure!

  7. I wore a pair of Reebok tennis shoes from January until about 2-3 weeks ago. My feet and back started killing me and I realized I didn't have enough support in those tennis shoes. So I tried on a pair of Danskos at the local scrub shoppe...and bought them immediately. No more back pain, no more tired they add about 2 inches to my height! ;-) And they come in all kinds of colors...including solid white.

    As for running shoes -- I have never had a problem with Asics. I've had several pairs over the years, always loved them. I had a pair of Nikes and ended up with 2 stress fractures in the span of 6 months. Not saying all Nikes are bad...they just didn't like my feet!

  8. Timberland PRO Renovas all the way - they are designed for health care professionals! I will never wear a different nursing shoe (and they come in all white in a variety of designs).

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  10. Best running shoes are Asics or Saucony. Hands done the best. I got a nice pair of all white highly comfortable Asics for my wife to work in. She loves them and has had them for several years to work in. Best purchase ever. Don't mistake price for quality.

  11. I have had my Dansko Marcels for all four semesters of nursing school, and I still love them and how my feet don't hurt at the end of the day. My friends who bought athletic shoes for clinical have all had to replace theirs at least once, but mi e are still as good as new!