Friday, September 10, 2010

Scrub Envy

Remember back in high school? Back when all the “popular girls” were the envy of all the other girls in the school? When you secretly paid attention to what they wore and only wished you could look as cool as them?

Ok, maybe it was just me??

I have noticed during my last year taking pre-reqs for my program that whenever someone walks in wearing scrubs, all the heads turn in their direction. I can just see them thinking to themselves “OMG, look at her. She’s wearing scrubs. Wonder if she works at a hospital? In a Dr office? How lucky is she?” Everyone gathers around her and quizzes this donner of the Sacred Scrubs, on just exactly why she is wearing them and then sits back and daydreams about the day when they get to be Just.Like.Her.


Ok, again, maybe it’s just me?


  1. LOL, nope, not just you.
    Scrubs are the cool outfit.

    During the first or second week at our school we have "Spirit Week." One aspect of this is that the dress code is relaxed and each day has an attire theme.
    I'm a student gov't officer and we get to pick the themes. Two given's are Hawaiian shirt day and scrubs day.

    Everyone just loves the scrubs day!

  2. I used to think like that too, but now I wait to find put why they're all scrubbed out before I'm impressed. Too many posers out there, Haha!

  3. I look at scrubs as utilitarian. It sure saves on the wear and tear of your civvies...and when they get dirty...u swap them out for another at work (if the hospital supplies them, which they do if you are L&D usually)'s a bonus when the hospital supplies them, because then u have less laundry! Since scrubs are so commonplace, unless they are coming out the door of a hospital, I just assume they work at a drugstore, beauty spa or vet clinic .... I never associate them with hospitals automatically anymore.... not like I used to... :(

  4. (sorry for posting again!) i usually avoid anyone with scrubs on....just in case they DO work in a hospital....knowing what bodily fluids and other lovely bugs we come in contact with .......

  5. HAHA! Scrub envy. That's hilarious. Now that you mention, I have noticed the looks on others when a new deity (read: wearing scrubs) enters the room; people light up.

    I'd probably be the same way, except a. my mom wears scrubs to work every day and has since before I was born and b. I spend an immense amount of time at hospitals. If I wasn't around them all the time, I'd probably be more envious.