Saturday, August 21, 2010

Send me your good luck thoughts!!!

I go in tomorrow to take my HESI. I have put it off long enough. This is the only thing that is standing between me and nursing school.

I'm freaking out a bit.


  1. you will do great! honest. Relaxing will put you in the best frame of mind. ;)

  2. Good luck!!! You will do great :) I will be in your position soon enough and would want as much good luck sent my way as possible too! I am your newest follower, I am in Nursing school and loving it. Just finished up with my CNA and have been an MA and phlebotomist for 6 years now. Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

  3. Good thoughts coming your way!
    Just relax and work the problems, you'll do fine.

    And, there's plenty of room here on the "freak out bench." There, I slid over, sit here next to me....

  4. Just breathe and take your time. And trust your gut.
    I rushed through reading comprehension, thinking it was "easy," and that ended up being my only not-great score. Just pace yourself. You'll do great.

  5. Goood Luckkkkkk!!!! You will do absolutely great. Almost there!!! Can you believe it? I am so proud of you! How's the job still coming along? Have you made any new decisions regarding it? Let me know any tips and tricks you may have learned during CNA class and I'll be sure to do the same!!