Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Small boost of confidence

This semester the Biology department decided to make everyone take a “pre-assessment” test to see where we stand in relation to the A&P course we are taking. It was basically a test to weed out those who might not be ready for A&P. If you failed, it is strongly recommended that you drop the course and take an intro to A&P course, which the school so graciously set up an additional class and offers it, free of charge. (Too bad it was not a very convenient time for those of us that work full time jobs – I am in the 6pm class for a reason – nope can’t make it to an 11:30am class). This test, in itself just goes to show you how tough the course is. I mean, why would they feel the need to create this assessment test, and offer an into class free of charge if they don’t feel you can make it. Obviously quite a few people fail out of this course pretty regularly.

The test was pretty basic, a few math questions (averages) some basic chemistry questions, and a few vocabulary questions. I was pretty nervous about it. I haven’t taken a Biology class, let alone a science class, in years. Hell, I haven’t had any need to even think about atoms or cells or molecules since I graduated High School! When I enrolled for this course, I went back and forth, thinking to myself that maybe I really should take gen Bio just to refresh myself on all of this science business. I decided against it because I just want to get these pre-reqs over with already and that “extra” class would hold me up longer than I wanted. I was beginning to feel this might have been a mistake.

My professor had the results in yesterday’s class but only for those who had gotten below 50% on the test. If our name was on that list, it was suggested we take the intro course. All through lab, people were going up to see if they were unfortunate enough to be on that list. Several people walked up, the professor checked and said “nope not on the list, you should stay” and my nerves got worse and worse. The list seemed pretty long, and if all of these people were NOT on the list, surely that was leaving tons of room for MY name to be on the list.

I finally got the courage to walk up to my professor and see if I was doomed. I felt like I was in slow motion walking up there. He seemed to be staring me down the whole way there as if to say, “ah yes, and now the one that really shouldn’t be in here” I had to repeat my last name since the first time I said it, barely any noise came out. He looked over the list and seemed to take an inordinate amount of time checking for my name.


NOT ON THE LIST!!! It is recommended that you stay in this course. WOO HOO!!!! I am smart enough after all! I am in the right place! I should be taking this course! You have no idea how great that made me feel. I actually feel like I can do this now. I can get through this class. I haven’t lost everything over the past 10 years that I ever knew about science. I might actually make it. What a boost of confidence that simple little test gave me. I have no idea what my score was. I could have gotten a 51% on it, who knows. But at least I am NOT ON THE LIST! At least I can continue on in this course knowing that yes, this is the right place to be.

I just might make it this semester.

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