Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Group projects can suck my...

I hate them.

I hate them so much that I would rather just do everything myself than have to deal with working with other people.

You would think since my program is so competitve (you really have to be on top of your game to get in) that I wouldn't have to worry so much about other people not doing their part.

You would think.

I always get stuck with a sucky group. No one is communicating. No one is working with anyone else. I have sent out several emails and no one responds. Or they respond DAYS later. We have to do a group culture project where we all have to go out, as a group, and "experience the culture". One of the girls thinks it doesn't have to be done as a group. Another is working any time she isn't in school (how is that fair to the rest of us) and another guy works every weekend.

Fine, whatever. I plan a meeting with the three others that CAN meet and it's done.

That is until I get an email from the first girl who was under the impression that it could be done individually. She now all of a sudden realizes that yes, it does need to be a group effort, only she can't meet the day the rest of us have planned.

Somebody shoot me.

It took me two weeks just to set up this time with the ones who were willing to work on the group project as a group.

I freakin' hate group projects.


  1. Because I have ZERO patience for people like you're describing, I'd send an email to the chick who suddenly realized it does have to be a group effort and tell her tough shit, she can make the time work or she's on her own. Just sayin'

  2. I like Marianne’s thinking, that girl had her chance to take it seriously when you first asked. If she can't make it work that's her issue especially since you planned the date two weeks prior.
    That would totally be sucky to have people who act like that. So far we haven't had group projects but I'm sure I'll have my fair share of them and people in my group that mess it up for the rest of us.
    Good luck and git-r-done!

  3. Mmm-mm, yup.
    Group projects suck like a Dyson.

    Just do your best with those are wanting to do their best.

    Are peer evals part of the grading? If so, smack the ones that deserve it there.
    If not, then find out what the teachers do about nonperformers.

    Hate to say this, but you just gotta kinda suck up this part for the next couple of years. Unfortunately it's just part of NS life.

  4. I don't know of many who like group projects including myself, but they will be part of the rest of your school years and professional life. In nursing you are always working in groups for various things.
    For my current program we had to go through a business problem solving class for that dealt with resolutions within groups. I just look at it as everybody is so different that you don't have to get along, like each other or be friends, but just get it done, get your grade and move-on

  5. I hated group projects with a passion and still do. I guess it's the part of me that wants everything done efficiently and correct the first time.

    I would go ahead with your original plans and like Marianne and Zazzy says, inform the late party that SHE has to accommodate the group already formed. After all, if another date is set, who's to say that the wishy washy late intruder will change her mind again and leave you holding the bag? Plus if you already have a consensus...she will have to go along. Why rearrange so many people for the sake of one who couldn't be bothered in the first place? Take notes of all the work you went to arrange your dates (see, nursing notes 101 actually has practical use!) and the reason why she wasn't included. No one can refute the facts. And - that's what nursing is all about.
    - reading the fine print(reading comprehension) and complying with the requirements (how important is your nursing training and goals to be an RN?)

    Commitment is everything.

  6. Group projects suck because there are always those who do nothing, those who want to do everything and a clash of ideas. A great site to help manage your work is

  7. Perplexed, I just checked out the website you suggested and it looks like it could be really cool to use. Thanks for suggesting it.

  8. Girl, this gave me flashbacks to a group project I had in an art class before I was a nursing student. No one was communicating and no one was taking charge so i ended up handing out assignments and pulling the final presentation together myself.
    I am actually quite proud of myself for keeping my conposure while dealing with these people, even though while talking to them in my head I was scream "OMG. WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID? NOTHING WOULD MAKE ME HAPPIER THAN STABBING YOU WITH A HIGHLIGHTER RIGHT NOW!"