Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday Night Epiphany

I just read a post on another blog that really got me thinking. I have been sitting here contemplating the decisions I have made and where they have landed me in life so far. Wondering how I could have made them differently and imagining where I would be now if I had made different choices.

I have also been trying so hard to make sure that the choices I am making now will not leave me with regret like it seems the choices I had made previously have.

But why?

What is the point of looking back at life and wishing it away? What’s wrong with looking at where I am now and actually enjoying it? Sure, there are some things that make me unhappy. There are some things I want to change. I’m sure everyone has something in their life that they wish they could change. Is that a reason to want to time travel to change everything? To agonize over choices that were made years ago? How can anyone actually enjoy life while constantly looking back at what they did wrong?

A commenter on one of my previous posts pointed out that there will always be things to stand in our way and that sometimes it is best to just jump in. I think he is absolutely right. Sometimes headfirst is the way to go. Without thinking too much about consequences, or regret. Just jump.

I think it is time I stopped worrying about how things will turn out and just enjoy the ride. Stop wasting my life away wondering how different it could have been and start living my life by enjoying what is.

Look at life through the windshield, not the rearview mirror ~ Byrd Baggett


  1. There's something to be said for research, organization, and due diligence. But, at some point there has to be action.

    When contemplating things I always tell the SU (Spousal Unit), "When you are on your death bed, do want to reflect and talk about what you should have done or what you did?"

    And very few things can't be corrected or altered if goals aren't met...

  2. You are absolutely right. There is something to say for research. I completely agree. I am so bad about researching and researching, and researching and not making a decision because I am worried about how it will effect things. I get scared. I look for what is easier (most of the time that is not making a decision at all), which is what I am trying to change.

    I like that. "When you are on your death bed, do want to reflect and talk about what you should have done or what you did?" That is a great way to look at things, I think and pretty much where I have been trying to align my thought process lately.

    Thank you for your comment. :)

  3. Just wanted to leave a quick hello! I came across your blog looking for nursing student/nurse blogs.

    I'm currently researching everything I can in hopes of going to nursing school myself. Finances are my #1 problem with applying. I currently have ~$23k in federal student loan debt from my previous schooling as a network engineer. Sadly, it took me until AFTER I graduated to decide that working on computers was NOT for me! Then I have an additional ~$5k debt from a career training loan that I took out to complete online medical transcription schooling. Big mistake there as online schooling was definitely not for me either! So I kinda know how you feel in regards to making up your mind!

    With two failed attempts at schooling under my belt, fear is my #2 problem holding me back. I'm wondering if nursing is really right for me. Taking some time to immerse myself in it (by reading blogs, watching videos, etc), paying down my student loan debts and hopefully will know for sure if I want to go back to school for a 3rd time. But hey, 3rd time's a charm, right?! :P

    Ok, sorry for rambling on so long. I look forward to reading your blog and I'm hoping that getting a glimpse of what you're going through will help me as well!

    Take care. :)