Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How does that make you feel?

I have GOT to get out of this job. My new boss is a tyrant. Second official day on the job and he has already fired someone. He has been sending out emails left and right about new office processes. Ridiculous. I get that things need to change, but how about stepping in, getting a feel for what is going on, THEN making the changes? Right now, the only thing he is doing is upsetting everyone by his completely asinine rules. If I thought office morale was low before, I think it has just reached new depths.

Fortunately, I have an interview tomorrow for the new position I applied for. I really hope that I get it. I am burning out fast at this job and I know I won’t be around much longer if I don’t move on from here. If I don’t get it, there is another position I will try for and if that falls through as well I might try to look outside the company and see if there is something that can hold me over for another year or so. I know it won’t be an easy task seeing as everyone is looking for a job these days but I have to do something.

I can feel myself falling back into depression and it is all because of this lousy job. I can’t let myself go there. Not with the challenging semester ahead. I have to stay focused on the goal. I need to do well in this class and in order to do well I need to have a clear head. I need to stay focused so I can keep my family focused. I can’t let my job bring me down but it is so difficult to fight it when the majority of my time is spent in this shit hole.

I have to do something.

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