Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why can’t they just call it a freakin’ cube?

The more we are learning in A&P the more I am absolutely convinced that some scientist was sitting in his little lab looking at a bunch of cells, and thinking of how he could make life difficult for future biology students. (insert mad scientist laugh here) I mean really, why be all difficult about a simple cubed shape cell. Cuboidal? What’s so wrong with cube? Columnar? Why not Column shaped? Squamous? Is it so hard to just name it scale-like or even flat? Is it really necessary to give these cells such crazy names? Why can’t we just call it like we see it?

*sigh* I have a feeling the next few days of my life are going to revolve around nothing but looking at images of tissue cells and dreaming of these Cuboidal, Columnar, and Squamous cells for the next few nights.

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